A. How do I place an order?

  • a. To buy products listed on the website:

    • We have an exhaustive list of products which you can check out on the website as well as our facebook page. If you like something made by us, e-mail us at info@vihaan.in or leave a comment on our Facebook page or fill the information form in the contact section of this site and we’ll get back to you.
  • b. To buy a customized product:

    • We follow a simple 3 step process for customization:
      Step 1 - If you have your own ideas and want something specific, do create a detailed description of your requirement.
      Step 2 - Email us your requirement at info@vihaan.in with your description and or reference pictures and the price range you are looking at or Call us on +91 9999799401.
      Step 3 - Wait to hear from us about our quotation, delivery time and other suggestions to help you decide.

B. Where can I see your products for real?

  • We keep creating new products and designs very frequently, so our product list is ever expanding. To see us and our designs in person you may visit our studio at the address mentioned in the contact section of this webpage or you may check out our stall at the next exhibition coming up. Details of our next exhibition can be found under "COMING UP EVENTS" at the bottom of this page.

C. Can I change the colorstone patterns /size of a design to match my choice?

  • Yes, complete customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we are open to changing things around to match your requirements. There may be a few inevitable restrictions of course, but only a few. Prices may vary according to the customization done.

D. Can I return/exchange the product?

  • Definitely Yes, each of our product comes with a buyback guarantee. We deduct only the making charges that are very nominal whenever a client wish to exchange any product. However, in the event of cash return for product, we deduct 10% of diamond value along with the making charges and return the currently prevailing market rates.